‘Open Shelve Nodes’ Project

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Open Shelve Nodes is a simple solution to make shelves and related structures. It can be made from different local materials. Many solutions are already documented for you to use.

It is an open source hardware project with circular design in continued development. Join.


key info

understand shelve nodes


how to attach boards

angle nodes

make different angles (info & downloads)



from virgin or scrap wood

plastic bricks

instructions for your LEGO® bricks

3d printing

download files and print yourself

acrylic +

files to lasercut acrylic and more


howto and stl download to 3d print a mold


temporary shelves from styrofoam 



recycled plastic


clays & doughs



open ends

didn’t work (so far)



Make it, it’s open.

The open shelve nodes are open. Feel free to use them in any way you see fit. We are happy if you collaborate and share improvements, uses and findings with us. Use the hashtag #openshelvenodes and ping us on social media for a repost. You can also send an email.


Open shelves nodes is an Open Circular Design. It checks 8 of the 9 connected methodologies (watch video with explanation, starts 4m34s). If you care to understand the flexibility of this design we recommend our article “What is the final version in Open Circular Design?”

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