3d Printing – Open Shelve Nodes


Mifactoris Open Shelve Nodes – 3d printing version (CAD files)



Download files here

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Open Shelve Node Raw

Open Shelve Node Small Cube One Internal Thread

Open Shelve Node Hollow Cube 1

Open Shelve Node Ball

Open Shelve Node Ball One Thread

Open Shelve Node Pipes

Open Shelve Node Pipes One Internal Thread

Open Shelve Node Rings With One Internal Thread

Open Shelve Node Cube Rounded Corners

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Download files here 

  • All designs are made for 16mm diameter rods but you can scale them in your slicer to adjust to the rods you plan to use.
  • We haven’t tried it yet but want to: If you print the nodes with a flexible material, do you achieve the same effect as the silicone version?
  • All files were created in FreeCAD. The editable files are included in the download.
  • The 3d printed shelve nodes work very well, just saying.
  • There are a lot more versions possible. If you made your own let us know.



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The open shelve nodes are open. Feel free to use them in any way you see fit. Collaborate and build them further.