2d Laser Cutting – Open Shelve Nodes


Mifactoris Open Shelve Nodes – 2d vector files for laser cutting acrylic and other materials


2d vector files for laser cutting

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laser cutter ready files download below ↓

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Download files (svg)

  • When you start from 2d parts you can assemble both open shelve node versions A & B.
  • The files are made for 3mm material. If you have other material you need to adjust the files or redesign them. Test it with your material before you produce larger volumes! Sometimes deviations occur that can lead to problems.
  • When you put up the shelves make sure that the smaller pieces from the parts face bottom and ceiling.


You can see us assemble some 2d shelve nodes (an run into some problems because of deviations in the material) in the video below (starts at 59:00).


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