Mifactoris Public Promise On Design Rights

Public License / Public Promise Vs 1.0

Regarding Design Rights

In addition to the Creative Commons Attribution License for our copyright based work (pictures, text, video) and our practice to never file design rights, utility models or patents for our work, we hereby promise to not make use of any of our unregistered design rights – neither to sue you or anyone nor to register design rights later on. We want our designs to be open for everyone to study, use, modify, make and sell from day one of their publication. Yes, we are happy if you give us attribution to Mifactori when you make use of one of the freedoms with our designs but we don’t make this an obligation!

We want this statement of intent to be legally binding for us. Up to this point we did not allocate funds to turn this statement of intent into a proper public license but wish this document to serve like one.

We believe that openness is the key to sustainable design and to deal with the effects of climate change. (Learn more.)


What is this, why is it needed? BlogpostLonger explanation (Read point 5 “Geschmacksmuster” – translate in your browser). | Related: Why are “Non Commerical” licenses a problem for sustainable open hardware. 

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