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‘Make It Circular’ – An Open Poster To Download

english / deutsch EN: We participated in a discussion at the OSCEdays forum helping to create an open poster on circular making. The poster is available in 8 languages so far (including german), it is open, so everyone can print it, remix it, sell it etc. The goal is to have it hang on as …

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HowTo: Create A Circular Pre-Use Booth

englisch / deutsch En: Together with OSCEdays Berlin Mifactori exhibited at Maker Faire Berlin 2017. And of course our booth was 100% circular. Mostly Pre-Use. All of the parts and fasteners are already back on the shelfs of our workshop or bound in another circular project/product. No tape, no scraps, no trash! Here is a little …

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Pre-Use – A Great Term & Basic Operation For Circularity

We like to introduce you to a new term: Pre-Use. Pre-Use means to use something for something different than it is intended for – but don’t harm it – so it is still good for the initially intended use.  Origin: We learned the term from Jan Koerbes from ReFunc who came up with it a few …

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