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Ren, Table

Mifactori was invited to design a table for the performance “Spirale” by Ren Saliba. The table was supposed to have a thick acrylic tabletop (20mm thick). We were free to design the rest as we saw fit.


As usual we went for as little impact on the material as possible especially because this is an off-theatre production with very few performance dates. The tabletop is not drilled or processed in any other way. Pre-Use as its best.

The legs are 120x120mm wooden beams. They just have a 6mm hole on top and a 10mm hole on the side to use a regular furniture construction bolt (M6, 90mm) with a cylinder nut (10x20mm).

The bars have grooves to interlock them. In the middle of the groove is a hole for the bolt (see pictures below ↓).

Why is this stable? The 120x120mm leg provides a large bearing surface for the bars. This prevents tipping, the table is sufficiently stable.

We have set our holes within the 3erlin Grid. However, this design is easy to adapt to any dimensions. We made the table in 2 different sizes. Our measurements (set designer’s specification) are here.

what else, open end ideas?  

  • Thick legs just open so many possibilities. We can imagine holes in all possible forms and for all imaginable functions such as books, files, pens or flowers! In the leg could be a whole channel system that connects several planters.
  • Such a thick leg can also be assembled from individual strips.
  • If you choose a thinner tabletop that threatens to sag, you can also simply insert a wooden beam diagonally across inside! The legs provide enough support surface to make it work without fasteners as long as the bar has the right dimensions. 
  • Originally our design called for standard silicone rubber to be stretched across the ledges in a few places to prevent our tabletop from sliding. But sliding was not a problem; the top was heavy enough.
  • Btw, theater performance photos are cool product images, we think. These pictures were taken by Michaela Muchina | Mifactori.

This is an open unprotected design. Do with it what you please.

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