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TITLE: Ringbein Exhibition System
WHAT: Exhibition Infrastructure Concept


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Ringbein Exhibition System

This is an exhibition infrastructure concept based on the open circular design Ringbein.

Ringbein is a very simple open circular construction method for all kinds of tables and shelves:

Below ↓ you’ll find pictures with sketches that extend Ringbein into a modular circular and very flexible exhibition infrastructure to display objects or documents.

(Click on the images to enlarge them.)

different shapes are possible

for very loooong tables

Angled displays are possible

rectangular plates different directions and levels

round plates different levels

click for impression

upper plate in between not instead on top

(→ More Pics)

With a certain size and weight these constructions become very stable although they don’t look like it which is part of the beauty.

Below you see a possible alphabet of parts that can be extended or shrunk easily depending on space and exhibition content.

This exhibition infrastructure is a sustainable open and circular design.

You can make it from a variety of materials including upcycled ones or materials you already own. All rods and rings can be reused afterwards for different things (as they are standard parts) and also the plates are reusable – as round or rectangular plates are always useful even with a small hole in the center.


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This is an open design. We are happy if you hire us to set it up for you or give us credit if you set it up yourself – but you are not obligated to do it.



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