Felix The Stool

Felix the stool is a design for Trikka. It is for kids and consists of modular parts that can be creatively reused for playing or for organising the children’s room.

At present it is not produced and cannot be bought anywhere. But it is quite easy to make. Just follow the documentation of the parts shared below.

This post shares a functional prototype and some color studies.

a tunnel

balance board

a tunnel

disks compatible with common construction toys

The parts are usable for all kinds of interesting sport or construction activities.

We have a couple more use cases for this part in stock. So stay tuned for more.

These spacers seen here as wheels are also used in Addi the chair.

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All new. Felix is part of Trikka’s initial 44

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Undecided. Date of publication November 21, 2022


Only as local make. Local makes encouraged (1 € donation per make)

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Felix was created as part of the initial 44 for the Trikka project in summer 2022.