Addi – Open Design Chair

Update: Addi is now also live on the Ikego Website! 

Addi is a chair made for Ikego! It follows the 3erlin Grid (Ikego Grid). And Addi’s parts can be used for many different things – including alternate builds of Addi. In this post we show some pictures of Addi and also 3 alternate builds.

Addi is currently only available as a local make.


Click on “design info” to get assembly instructions and more.

Construction close ups:

  • Assembly: Study the pictures above (click to enlarge) to see how the individual parts are assembled. Detailed information about all the parts can be found below in the Trikka info.
    You can use thin but strong material for the slats or make thicker legs. If you have thin material, you should use a longer cross beam (270mm). For thick legs we recommend the 210mm beam.
  • Fasteners (style): We mainly used fasteners we had in the workshop for these functional prototypes. A final aesthetic and production ready design would probably add some work here to find elegant and cheap solutions.
  • Fasteners (length): Since Trikka has a material tolerance and there is a lot of material stacked on top of each other here, it is clear that you first have to decide which material you are going to use before you buy your fasteners – the length of the bolts.
  • If your chair feels wobbly you can also add another cross beam in the front close to the bottom. (An example for this you can see at the bottom of this post).
  • Usually chairs have a curved backrest and a butt pattern in the seat to make it more comfortable to sit on. When you make Addi, you can achieve this too. For example, you can use thicker sheet material and mill curves into it (see picture below). You will still have a flat side at the bottom, of the part – so the part will also work in other Trikka designs.



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Update: When Addi was transferred to the Trikka page some building instructions where rewritten for clarity and others were added.

Click on “Trikka info” below to see how it connects to Trikka.

Trikka parts

  • Addi was added as part of Ikego’s initial 44. We use it to introduce a lot of new parts to the catalog at once. All of these parts have other uses. But we introduce them through Addi. All the parts of Addi are shared here. The only exception is No 10 in this post which is introduced via Bengi.

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Undecided (publication date November 2022)


Currently only as Local Make (1 €/$ donation per make)

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This product is just a concept and not fully tested. You should not assume that it works as indicated and I am not saying that it does. I disclaim any responsibility or liability for any damage caused during the construction and use of products based in whole or in part on the concept shown here. All information is provided for your use at your own risk.

Follow me down to meet some alternate builds ↓

Alternate Build 1

This alt build uses uses fewer parts than Addi. It removes the 600mm backrest part and replaces it with a 420mm leg part and it replaces the backrest board and uses another different seat board instead.


Alternate Build 2

This alt build has a different solution for the backrest. It uses a part that is used by Bengi (the short 150mm bar) introduced by Bengi. This makes the backrest adjustable for a comfortable or focus position.


Alternate Build 3

Info: Simply remove the backrest and you have a stool or a base for a side table. You can exchange the crossbars for longer ones and thus build the substructure for a bench.



Flickr album with high-res images