KRH 12 – An Ikego Kitchen Roll Holder

A very simple solution for storing, transporting and keeping kitchen roll dry. It is known that many family use ordinary toilet paper instead of large rolls. Therefore there is a large and small solution.

The solutions are realised with standard Trikka parts.

Small version

The set collar on the underside provides a sufficiently large standing surface while lifting the main platform up which prevents the roll from getting wet.

Tall version

Life style pics

This simple solution was introduced by Lars Zimmermann as part of Trikkas initial 44.

Make info: We recommend for the rubber band silicone. Because it is longlasting. Most other rubber bands become porous and break quite quickly.

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The kitchen roll holders were added as part of Trikkas initial 44. For this reason we have more than one new part. But none of these parts is single use.

IP protected?

No and not planned.


Only as local make. Local makes encouraged (1 € donation per make. Pls let us know that the donation is for rollco)

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