Platform Clocks

Here they are: the Mifactori platform clocks. They use existing Trikka parts. Why “platform” clocks? Because instead of numbers you have holes (3erlin Grid). Use these to bolt all kinds of things on them: beads, toys, pictures, numbers or just let the light shine through. It’s up to you!

There are several Trikka parts you can combine with the core disk and clockwork to make different kinds of clocks. Here are some of our tests (click on images for better quality).

Just disks ↑

DIY erector set numbers ↑

Fake plants ↑

Combined with part 048.1 a wall clock – maybe with (moving) light ↑

Standing ↑

Standing without frame, bent to the side and not ↑

Howto-shots ↑

The platform clocks were introduced by Lars Zimmermann as part of Trikkas initial 44.

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The platform clocks were added as part of Trikkas initial 44.

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Only as local make. Local makes encouraged (1 € donation per make. Pls let us know that the donation is for rollco)

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