A simple solution using Trikka parts. Manuela Sauer came up with it during her internship at our studio. It was added to the Trikka catalog as part of the initial 44. It is currently only available as local make and is pretty easy to make (see Trikka info below).

Howto info: You can mount it to a wall or hang it from the ceiling using some string and a rope clamp. You can also leave out the half circle piece and just use the cord, rope clamp and wall hook.

Click on “Trikka info” below to open the: 


hook (new!) 
long rod (new!) 
string 200mm (new!) 
rope clamp (new! fastener) 

Rollco was added as part of Trikkas initial 44. Therefore it adds more than one new part. 

IP protected?

Undecided. Date of publication November 21, 2022


Only as local make. Local makes encouraged (1 € donation per make. Pls let us know that the donation is for rollco)

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