The Marii

“The Marii”
takes a famous open design chair by Enzo Mari († 2020) and upgrades it to an open circular design chair for the Ikego model catalog. The new version is made from multipurpose parts, has an adjustable backrest and built-in storage. It was created in autumn 2023 as the project of our intern Audrey Burnard.



The chair design of Enzo Mari that inspired the solution above was part of his collection Autoprogettazione? – a collection of furniture solutions to build yourself. A noteworthy step in the history of open design. 

Alternate models:

All new parts were tested for universality. This resulted in further additions to the Ikego model catalog. These models use parts from “The Marii”:

1 Badli & Bork

“Bork” is a little coffee table/stool with a storage functionality you can extend infinitely. 

more pics | Bork at Ikego →

“Badli” is a little towel shelf for your bathroom with a textile part instead of a board. 

more pics | Badli at Ikego →


2 The Marii Box

The “Mari Box” is a strong box with large handle bars to carry things around or store them. 

more pics | The Marii box at Ikego →


3 Plant Podest

“Plant podest” uses the legs of the Marii for an infinitely expandable plant table. 

more pics | Plant podest at Ikego →


4 The Marii Planter

The “Marii Planter” is there to house tiny ecosystems.

more pics | The Marii Planter at Ikego → 

All parts for the models above can be found in the Ikego parts catalog

Thank you Audrey for your time with us. 

Note: The images in this post are not shared under the CC-BY License. Reach out for requests.