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[Last update to this page: March 2016. But the research goes on. Start at the front page or search for “modular” at the side bar]

Explorative research project on modularity.

“For open source hardware (as well as for circular design) modularity and the use of standard parts is very important. Because if software is open source I can download and install it in 5 minutes and start using it. If a tractor is open source I can download the building plan but I still have to build the whole tractor! I have to get all the parts and assemble them. It is important to use commonly available parts and structures in the design to make it easier to build the tractor everywhere. Modularity is a big enabler of decentralized open hardware production, development and use.”

Project | Resources

FORUM TOPIC/WIKI: Collection Of Examples Of Modularity (pls. contribute)

EXPERIMENTS: Translating modularity – translating Lego parts into nuts & bolts connections (soon)

Insights, Reflections, Findings

BLOGPOST 3: The ’Fehler-Ausstrahlungs-Effekt’ / ‘Errors-Spread-Out-Effect’ in Modularity

BLOGPOST 2: Modular design and construction is too time consuming ?

BLOGPOST 1: Patents & Innovation-Costs in an Open-Source-Circular-World


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General Background (german):

BLOGPOST (0): „Open-Source-Circular-Design ist unfassbar hässlich!“ – Ein Briefwechsel zwischen André Wendler und Lars Zimmermann (Mir)