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Mifactori creates Education, Interventions, TheoryDesigns & Products on open, circular, sustainable, pre- & post- climate change objects, life-style and cities. Click here for City Hacking | Theory | Education | Products | More.

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Mifactori entwickelt Bildung, Interventionen, Theorie und Produkte für offene, nachhaltige , zirkuläre, post- & pre-Klimawandel-Städte und -Produkte. Hier klicken für City Hacking | Theorie | Bildung | Produkte | Mehr.

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Lars Zimmermann, or: 


+49 176 218 65 009

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Lars Zimmermann larszimmermann.de

Designer, Artist, Economist, Educator; Mifactori Founder, Berlin

Michael A Huelfenhaus

Michael Hülfenhaus hilfhilf.com

rapIT innovationBrain: rapping coder that learnt a lot about the brain and now tries to come up with some new stuff.

Michaela Muchina | muchina.de

Michaela Muchina is a stage- and costume designer and artist. She studied stage- and costume design at the Art Academy Berlin-Weißensee and had a DAAD scholarship for visual communication at the State University for Art and Design, St. Petersburg. Since 2010 she works in different contexts and constellations in the fields of stage and costume design, performance installations and exhibition design.

Close Collaborators

Tristan, (c) Zacharie Scheurer

Tristan Biere | tristanbiere.de | Creative Playful Urbanism

Petja Ivanova | Speculative Ecologies & Poetic Futures |

Tim van der Lootimvanderloo.com | Experimental Multi Disciplinary Designer

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Lucy Patterson, Phd. Science Hacking & Bio Hacking

Dina Padalkina, Circular Berlin

Willie Tomes, Artist

Jan Dittrich, Code and Interfaces

Laura Konieczny, Zero Waste Your Life

Sarah Schwesig, Katze Im Sack

Dax, Zero Waste Labs, Mushroom Expert

Brio Fazbuketti, Eco Activism, Code & Music