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Mifactori Chess Overview

Mifactori Chessboard: Hacking Chess

Due to its modular design the Mifactori chessboard is „hackable“ – this means you can do a lot of stuff with it you can’t do with a usual chessboard. We collect some ideas for you here to start. If you have good ideas yourself you want to share with other players, please post them below in the comments or drop us an email ( or tweet with hashtag #Mifactori.


The Living Board

GENERAL RULE: When ever someone takes a chessmen from the other side, the person can take one „Square“ from the edges of the boards and reposition it – also to the edge. The new square needs to have a connection to the rest of the board.

VARIATION: You can take squares also from the center of the board – producing holes no chessmen can go to (or even cross).

(Feel free to combine this hack with other hacks)


Jokers & Superfighters

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-18 um 19.22.32

In german the „Knight“ is called „das Pferd“ = the Horse.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-06 um 21.53.52


[1] – You can take the captured enemies and disassemble them and use the parts to assemble new heros and introduce them together with a new way to move like: Jumps 4 Fields straight and than in a star. Be creative!

Some “Jokers”:







More Cool Ideas? Post a comment below or drop us an email ( or tweet with hashtag #Mifactori.