Balance Board 1

Mifactori Balance Board 1

Balance Board, made with 3erlin Grid, part of the Mifactori Meeting Table – How to make a Balance Board using the 3erlin Grid

Balance-Board, hergestellt mit dem Berlin Grid, Teil des Mifactori Meeting-Tisches – Ein Balance-Board herstellen mit dem 3erlin Grid. 

Mifactori Balance Board 1 People Playing With Mifactori Balance Boards


This Balance Board works. But it is very very hard to use. Even Skateboarders weren’t able to make 10 seconds on it. Of course as part of the meeting table you can grab the table and be good. We are researching for new ideas for balance boards right now.

! Das Balance Board funktioniert. Allerdings ist es sehr sehr anspruchsvoll. Selbst erfahrene Skateboarder konnten darauf nicht 10 Sekunden stehen. Es funktioniert allerdings gut, wenn man sich leicht am Mifactori Meeting-Tisch abstützt. Wir arbeiten an neuen Lösungen. 




Supplies / Material


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To understand some details better study the 3erlin Grid documentation. / Um einige Details besser zu verstehen, einfach die 3erlin-Grid-Dokumentation studieren.


Tools / Werkzeug

bb1 - step 0 b

Materials / Materialien

bb1 - step 1

All parts bought at Bauhaus or Modulor. The wooden ball is from Modulor (3,50 Euro). The round wooden Plate is from Bauhaus (9,90 Euro). The aluminum pipes are 15mm x 15mm.


Steps / Schritte


1 Disassemble wooden plate

bb1 - step 2

bb1 - step 3

bb1 - step 4

You don’t need the smaller wooden circle for this board.

2 Holes into the plate

bb1 - step 5

bb1 - step 6 a alt pic

bb1 - step 6 b

bb1 - step 6 c

See 3erlin Grid Documentation for the stencil.

3 Prepare the aluminum pipes

bb1 - step 7

bb1 - step 8

bb1 - step 9

Drill the holes as shown in the image. And cut the parts. You will have 2 x 120mm parts and 2 x 18mm parts. The holes go through the whole pipe.

4 Prepare the angle parts

bb1 - step 10

bb1 - step 11

bb1 - step 12

bb1 - step 13

bb1 - step 14

bb1 - step 16

You can buy this pipe at Bauhaus. But you need to cut it (15mm – to fit onto the aluinum pipes) and drill holes in it.

5 Prepare the Ball

bb1 - step 17

bb1 - step 18 a   bb1 - step 18 b

bb1 - step 18 d

You need a M6 hole in the ball on one side next to the the hole that is already in the ball when you buy it. This hole needs to be in a perfect 90° angle. The pictures show a little construction we used to help us to drill a hole in the perfect angle.

The hole does not have to go all the way down to the center! Just enough to take in the M6 bolt in the middle of the board. (See later step).

We drilled first with a smaller driller and than made the hole larger.

6 All parts prepared! 

bb1 - step 20

So we are ready for the assembly.

7 Assembly One

bb1 - step 21

Put all bolts with wenches through the surface. The center is a M6 bolt 40mm. On the sides you have M5 Bolts 50mm.

8 Assembly Two 

bb1 - step 22

bb1 - step 23

Turn the board and fasten the center bolt.

9 Assembly Three

bb1 - step 25

bb1 - step 26

bb1 - step 27

Place the aluminium pipes and the spacers. (For more info about the spacers see 3erlin Grid Documentation and search for “spacers”)

10 Assembly Four

bb1 - step 28

bb1 - step 29

Add the angle parts and fasten everything – strong.

11 Assembly Five

bb1 - step 30 a

bb1 - step 30 b

Place the ball on top and put the long M8 bolt through the middle.

You are done 🙂

Buy it from the Mifactori Shop


Have fun using it.

People Playing With Mifactori Balance Boards

bb1 - step 30 b
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