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Mifactori’s Baubus – a Circular Construction Toy

Wir haben ein neues Produkt/Projekt in der Pipeline: Baubus – ein zirkulärer Konstruktionsbaukasten für Kinder. Eine volle Dokumentation nach den Ansprüchen der Open-Source-Hardware-Definition gibt es HIER. Erste Kästen gibt es bei uns bald zusammengestellt zum Kauf. We have a new product/project in the pipe: Baubus – a circular construction toy for kids. A full documentation …

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What is going on at Mifactori?

We have been quiet for a while but we have been busy developing new projects and products. We also had a bunch of other stuff to do. But we have also a new workshop now – jeai! – and things are progressing. Below you can see a little preview of stuff that will come up …

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Hack InTo An Existing One

Don’t invent a new modular system try to use (hack into) an existing one

(DEUTSCHE Version unten) We are continuing our research project on modularity and the documentation of the 3erlin Grid. And one of the things we learned is that when thinking about modularity creative people tend quickly to get into the mode of inventing a new modular system – some cool new connectors or whatever. But this is …

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3erlin Grid Parts Bought At OBI, An ACTION In Development & Upcoming Events November 2016

(English Version Below) Die 3erlin-Grid-Dokumentation und unsere 3erlin-Grid-Teile-Bibliothek wachsen. Und wir haben einen weiteren Weg gefunden, wie ihr das auch machen könnt, ohne selbst Teile herstellen zu müssen: 3erlin-Grid-Teile bei OBI! Wir waren bei OBI – und zu unserer Überraschung haben wir dort mehrere 3erlin Grid Teile gefunden (3cm Maß). Sie sind auf dem Bild …

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Upcoming Events: @PlanetB – NRW-Forum Düsseldorf – 3erlin Grid, Chess- & City-Hacking Sessions

english / deutsch With this post we announce a large 10 day hackathon event with a lot of subevents and invite you to participate. From July 14–24 2016 Lars is invited as an artist and economist to live in the rocket at the Planet B exhibition in the NRW-Forum Düsseldorf. Scroll down for more info. Mit …

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Mifactori – CRCLR lab Upcyling – Table 3 DSC00477

Upcycling benches + tables for the CRCLR lab – Documentation Posted

english / deutsch A few weeks ago we did an upcycling project for the CRCLR lab – building tables and benches for their ‘Open Source Circular Economy Days Berlin’, experimenting the 3erlin Grid. The first table Mifactori ever made! There is a full documentation about it posted now – Click Here. Vor ein paar Wochen …

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Entrance DSC01393

‘Exhibition, 1’ – Documentation Posted

At the end of June 2016 we had the chance to build the first installation of ‘Exhibition’. The ‘exhibition’ project was actually discovered in the process of building this installation for the Young Arts Neukölln in Berlin. A full documentation about this installation is now online. We used in this exhibition aluminium poles for the …

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3cm x 3cm - 3erlin Grid _3

A Hardware Network Effect, or: Why do we use 3x3cm and not a 4x4cm grid?

At Mifactori we use the 3x3cm-“3erlin-Grid”: The distance between all holes we drill is standardized and always 3cm so all parts of the system fit together in all possible combinations – open and circular connectivity. But why do we use 3x3cm when there is already

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Mifactori Sperrmuell WS1 - CC-BY-SA - by Mifactori.de103

Mf Workshop on Circular Street Waste

Last week Michi and Lars gave the first Mifactori „Circular Street Waste“ workshop with the 3erlin Grid.

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by Moebiusuibeom-en - cc-by-sa

The ’Fehler-Ausstrahlungs-Effekt’ / ‘Spreading-Error-Effect’ in Modularity

(Meta: Post is part of Mifacori’s research project on modularity) – I had a fascinating (at least for me) discussion with Julian Ariza Alvarez on modularity today

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